Justice, Tolèrance, Amitié.


The "Amitié Sans Frontières" Club is an international humanitarian association whose basic principles are "Justice, Tolèrance, Amitié".

It is the first service club born in Europe, in the Principality of Monaco, by the will of Madame Régine Vardon West who, since 1991, has spent her energies to spread its development. During these years, clubs were founded in France, England, the United States, Asia and Italy.

Each year, the charity theme that clubs should expect for their galas depends on the annual theme established by the United Nations General Assembly. In 2003 the UN Economic and Social Council - based in New York awarded A.S.F.I. the quality of “Non Governmental Organization avec Statut Consultatif auprès des Nations Unies”. The emblem of Amitié is the sunflower, a symbol of the sun that shines for everyone, whatever their race, sex and religion.